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Getting your essay written has never been this easy. If you struggle to place an order or to even get reliable services from essay writing companies, then you have come to the right place. In our platform, you only need to complete four steps. The first step is to complete the order form and here you provide the order details. The details include your academic level, the deadline of your paper, the number of pages, your school format, and the type of paper you want. The next step is to make payment. Here you choose your ideal payment option and then proceed to the third step. In the third step, you provide your writer with any additional materials and documents to make their work easier. Provide the writer with any suggestions or personal preferences here. Finally, download your paper. Once your writer has finished working on your paper, they will upload it and it will made available on your end.

We value our clients and seek to continue improving. Having been in business for a while now, we have come to appreciate our clients’ value. Our goal is to have a happy clientele. So, we always consider your comments and bring your comments and complaint to light during our review sessions. Our writers are also aware of our values and culture and also work to ensure they are in line with them. In the subsequent sections, we will introduce you to the features as well as the essay solutions we offer our clients. We take pride in what we do and believe that our services are the best in the industry. Take your time and read through the following sections which will help you make us your writing company of choice. Do you want to know how this works? Ask these guys


Features of the Do My Essay

There are many reasons why our clients are some of the happiest people in the world. Take some time and read the reviews a majority of them leave for our writers. Moreover, many of them not only praise the professionalism of our writers but also our services including our help desk. However, we ask you not to take their word for it but to try our services today. The advice we give you is to believe what you will experience. In the meantime, though, here are a few of the features that make us stand out.

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  • Complete Money Back Guarantees – this guarantee is among the first signs of a competent and confident company. Any company that does not offer you this guarantee is not fit to handle your paper. Well, at Write My Essay Today, we believe in giving you the option of having your money back. However, do not take this as a sign of weakness but as a sign of strength. What you should draw from this is that we trust and take pride in our services. This trust is to the point where we offer you money back guarantee if we fail to meet the standards we set. You have nothing to lose when you decide to partner with us.

The money back guarantee works after you have received your order. Some of the issues that might trigger this guarantee include:

  1. Getting a lower mark than you asked for.
  2. Proof that your paper lacks originality (plagiarism).

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best do my essay service and that you become a regular client. So, we do not mince our words when we tell you that we guarantee your money is safe and you can get it back if it meets the requirements stipulated above.

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  • Free Amendments – another issue to take note of or to look out for when you are looking for a do my essay custom writing service is free amendments. Free amendments mean free adjustments or corrections or what people know as revisions. All the credible custom writing companies have this as one of their features and we take pride on being in that list. But what do we mean by free amendments? Well, at our company, we value you as our client or potential client. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to ask for adjustments which will make without any extra fee. When you place an order, we take that as a contract and work to ensure that we deliver the best we can. However, if the writer fails to meet your standards, you can resend the paper and ask the writer to do a revision. As per our rules, the writer needs to do the revision and submit it by the new deadline. But, it is crucial that you know the circumstances under which a revision or an amendment is acceptable:
  1. When or if the professor disputes the claims made in the paper.
  2. If the writer fails to follow all the instructions.
  3. The paper fails to earn the mark/grade the client expects.

So, we promise that your work will meet your standards and that it will earn the mark you expect. If that fails to happen, then ask for a free amendment and if the mark is final, request for your money back.

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  • 24/7 Help and Assistance – people cannot claim to offer good service if they have a bad support system. Help and assistance for a pay to do my essay service must be flawless and work to ensure that all the needs of the clients are met. But, having it functioning is not enough, there is also the question of when one can get help and assistance. Well, the support desk and team of experts at Write My Essay Today are always ready to cater for your needs. Having been in this business for several years, we have come to appreciate the importance of having a well-functioning help desk.

First of all, we target clients from all over the globe and our aim is to ensure that our reputation precedes us. However, this will not be possible if a client from a different time zone cannot reach us during certain hours. We believe in being present at all times and this forced us to develop a help and assistance facet that is always running. Therefore, regardless of where you are and which time zone your region or country is in, we will be available. Our writers are also ready to help whenever called upon to do so. When we say that we value you, we mean it and it will only take the four steps described in the introduction to prove or to ascertain our legitimacy.

Essay Solutions

  • We offer to Much Solutions – our company’s informal motto is to deliver quality essays regardless of the type of essay you want. When you place an order, you need to specify the type of paper you want. Our writers are professionals and can deliver different types of essays. The types of papers we deliver include research papers, term papers, case study, dissertation, essays (all types), coursework, case studies, proposals among others. By offering these solutions, we increase our credibility and guarantee our services to a wide clientele. The experience and skill of our writers is enough to ensure that any paper you want you will get.

In the next feature or reason why you need to consider the option of working with us, you will read that our writers are some of the best in the industry. To be the best, you have to amass the best team in the business. People who can handle whichever essay or paper you want. Thus, we implore you to try us today and promise you will not regret.

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  • Best Writers – we can never consider ourselves a competent and complete company without considering the effort of our writers. Running a custom writing company is dependent on the kind of writers one has. The writers do matter and is the relationship the management maintains with the writers. When you have a team of professionals who know they are good at what they do, it is easy to fight and lose trust in each other. However, our team and management work in tandem to ensure that you our dear client gets an experience of a lifetime.

As you place your order, we give you the option of selecting your writer. At this stage, you get to see all the writers, their qualifications, and their ratings. All our writers are people who have degrees and some also have masters and doctorates in their field of specialization. They are not only qualified but also academic papers and scholarly articles to back any professionalism or skills they claim to have. Your paper will not be in the hands of an amateur but in the hands of a person who understands your needs and knows what is best for you.

You also have the option of discussing your paper with your writer and asking for drafts to confirm that the standard you expect is what you will get. Thus, do not be afraid of trying our services today.

Pricing and Discounts – any writing company has price offers which they use to lure clients to their platform. Well, the truth is, writing companies are business like any other